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IVY gets green loan

New projects increasingly have green initiatives. In that light, IVY is a paragon of sustainability. Sustainable in terms of development and use, but also sustainable in terms of financing. In fact, because of its many sustainable choices, IVY has obtained a green loan. A loan for which projects must meet strict sustainable requirements in order to qualify.

Sustainable development

A large part of the CO² emissions from buildings arise from the production of materials.
All building materials used in IVY are carefully registered in a digital materials passport. This allows materials to be reused, preventing many CO² emissions in the future.

Durable in use

IVY excels in sustainability because of, among other things, efficient water management, high energy efficiency of the building, lots of greenery and use of certified wood. For example, 100 percent of the wood to be used is certified by the Timber Procurement Assessment Committee (TPAC).

GARBE Institutional Capital and contractor Kondor Wessels Amsterdam worked intensively together to make the building optimally sustainable. For example, the homes have an EPC score of 0.15. The EPC value indicates how energy efficient a home is. The higher the value, the less energy efficient. The lower the value, the lower also your monthly energy bill, among other things. To qualify for a green loan, an EPC score of no more than 0.24 is required.

Sustainable in financing

Because of its many sustainable choices, IVY has met the guidelines for a green loan. Much of the financing falls under the Green Projects Scheme of the central government. This is the first time that GARBE Institutional Capital has integrated this innovative financial instrument into its process to promote ESG strategy.