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IVY becomes visible

Preparations at the construction site have been completed and now IVY is becoming visible to the neighborhood. At the corner where Klaprozenweg and Klimopweg meet, construction workers are at work to give Amsterdam-Noord a new icon. The first layers of levels are being built. Just a little longer and it will be impossible to imagine this beautiful spot in Amsterdam-North without IVY.

What can we expect from IVY? The building will be 13 levels high and consists of four different parts: each with its own interpretation or function. In the highest part there will only be apartments, in other parts there is also room for commercial and communal spaces. Think of a laundromat, a covered bicycle storage and more. Because IVY narrows towards the top, the building has unique and spacious balconies on several floors. Delightful outdoor spaces and also plenty of greenery in the form of indoor and outdoor gardens, as well as a green facade.

IVY will contain 157 apartments for regulated social rent, as well as apartments for the deregulated and private sector. The social rental apartments are studios and ideal for young people who like to have their own place in Amsterdam. A place centrally located in bustling Amsterdam-North. Not far from the North-South metroline and next to the hip and popular NDSM area. The 2- and 3-bedroom apartments in the free market and medium rental are ideally suited for couples and small or young families who love life in the city.