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A new impression of IVY

We still have to wait a while until IVY actually gives Amsterdam-Noord a new face. Still, thanks to new impressions, we can get an even better idea of what the building will soon add to the neighbourhood.

On the ground floor, IVY brings liveliness with, among other things, catering establishments in the point on the Klimopweg side. This is the ideal place to have a drink with the life on the street on the one hand and the greenery of planting on the other. But the outdoor spaces on the upper floors are also clearly visible. Because of the layering of the building, you will find lovely outdoor spaces to relax in several places.

It is also easy to see from these new impressions that the building consists of several parts. The high part with the beautiful view and the lower parts with studios on one side and several types of flats on the other.

Although the impressions are almost lifelike, we cannot wait until we can actually admire IVY at this unique location in Amsterdam-North.