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Rental has started. The registration period runs from Wednesday, 13 March 12:00 am to Wednesday, 27 March 12:00 am.

IVY is a new construction project which is still under construction. It is therefore difficult to communicate a definite delivery date. The current planning is that the apartments will be delivered Q3 2024, this is an indication and no rights can be derived from this. Later the date will be definitively confirmed to the new tenants.

For the social rental apartments and middle segment housing, house sharing is not allowed.

For the free sector apartments, house sharing is allowed with a maximum of two people. Both persons appear on the rental agreement and are primarily responsible for all rights and obligations of the rental agreement.

Ivy will be completed in the coming months, and we are dependent on several parties. Once the lease start date is known, we will contact you for the key handover and completion inspection. Please note that keys will only be handed over once the rental agreement has been signed and the first rent and deposit have been paid.

The delivery of the property will take place after the building has been handed over by the contractor to the owner and after the building and housing are properly accessible.

Space in and around the building is limited so not everyone can move in at the same time. In order to manage this, the deliveries and removals of the residents will have to take place in phases. For this purpose, a time slot will be assigned in consultation in which you can move.

The apartments are currently under construction. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is not possible to view at this time. You will be notified as soon as a viewing or viewing day is possible.

We advise you to register via the Ivy website to keep up to date with the latest developments.

The homes are intended for people who are in the working life stage, after completing any studies. If the study takes place next to work, for example, for further specialization then it is allowed to rent a home in this project if the income standard is met. The minimum age for occupancy is 23 years.

No, this is prohibited. Keep in mind that this can result in immediate termination of your contract and a heavy fine. This is explicitly included in the rental agreement.

In IVY Amsterdam, pets are allowed provided they do not cause a nuisance.

There is an option to rent a parking space in the Ivy’s indoor parking garage. These will be assigned at a later date. The number of parking spaces is limited and some spaces are not spacious. The garage is less or not suitable for cars with large dimensions or low ground clearance.

Cost for a parking space will be around € 125.00 pm, excluding service charges.
The service costs per parking space will be € 20,- pm.

The City of Amsterdam does not issue parking permits at this address.

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Currently, no parking spaces with a charging station are available due to limited network capacity. The premise is to still realize them after the network operator increases capacity.

There is an indoor bicycle storage facility in IVY; it is only accessible to residents.

There are currently no charging spots available for electric bicycles.

Homes in IVY are rented in the social , middle and free sector segments. There is also a transient boarding house. The boarding house provides independent living space to people who have no housing for a short period of time. These are mainly people who have lost their homes due to financial problems, such as job loss or divorce. During their stay, they can seek a structural solution. . Those boarders who need it receive professional support. Most guests are at work during the day.

There are commercial spaces on the first floor of IVY. One space has been leased to Rocycle Personal Trainer/Sport Physiotherapist Train Healthy is also setting up shop on the first floor. We are still looking for tenants for one commercial space and the catering space.

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Ivy features an enclosed courtyard garden. Residents have access to the courtyard garden. Maintenance of the courtyard garden is provided by landscapers.


What requirements must I meet to qualify for an apartment in the various sectors? Click on any of the types of rentals listed here for the speciefic requirements.

  • These homes are particularly suitable for a single-person household. The annual income for a single person may not exceed €47,699 gross annual salary. The minimum income requirement is a gross monthly income of at least 3 times the bare rent = gross income p.m. or higher.
  • For a social rented house with a bare rent up to € 879.66, the joint income of your household may not exceed € 52,671 gross per annual salary. The minimum income requirement is a gross monthly income of at least 3 times the bare rent = gross income p.m. or higher.
  • You must not be in arrears with a previous landlord or mortgage lender. On this basis, the allocation may be cancelled.
  • Housing seekers who leave a social rental house of a housing corporation in the housing market region empty will be given priority in allocation.
  • A housing permit is required.
  • The income of a single-person household may not exceed € 69,573 (amount 2023). The minimum income requirement is a gross monthly income of at least 3 times the bare rent = gross income p.m. or higher.
  • The joint household income may not exceed € 75,362. The minimum income requirement is a gross monthly income of at least 3 times the bare rent = gross income p.m. or higher.

For a medium-term rental house with a bare rent of up to € 1,220.40, your household’s combined income must not exceed € 75,362. This limit does not apply if you leave a social rented house of a housing corporation in the housing market region empty.

In addition, the following priority criteria apply:

  • Homes that are at least 61 square metres in size and have 3 rooms or more will be allocated to families on a priority basis.
  • For cheaper middle-income rental homes (2024: rent up to € 1,068.34), lower middle-income earners will be considered first, followed by other middle-income earners. A lower middle income is an annual income of up to € 61,967 in 2024.
  • Housing seekers who leave a social rental house of a housing association in the housing market region vacant will be given priority in the allocation of medium-income rental houses.
  • A housing permit is required for houses with a base rent of up to € 1,220.40.
  • Independent entrepreneurs must have been registered with the Chamber of Commerce for at least two years. In addition, a recent profit or loss account of at least two full financial years will have to be shown. If the company exists for a shorter period, landlords may decide to rent out a property based on employment history, employment prospects and additional securities.
  • Starting point is a gross monthly income of at least 3 times the basic rent = gross income p.m. or higher.
  • Starting point for two-income households is a joint monthly income of at least 3.5 times the basic rent = gross income p.m. or higher.
  • Independent entrepreneurs must have been registered with the Chamber of Commerce for at least two years. In addition, a recent profit or loss account for at least two full financial years must be shown. If the company exists for a shorter period of time, the landlord may decide to rent a property based on employment history, employment prospects and additional securities.
  • You must not be in arrears with a previous landlord or mortgage lender. On this basis, the allocation may be canceled.
  • Based on personal situation and labor market prospects, we may deviate from the income standards.


Once the registration period starts, a general newsletter about this will be sent by email. We recommend enrolling through the Ivy website so that you are kept up to date with the latest developments.

Registration is online in a secure environment and consists of several sections and steps, during the steps various checks are performed:

  • Register
    Go to “register” and search for your favorite apartments in the apartment finder, depending on your income, see rent calculator. When you have added your preferred apartments to your favorites the registration can be completed. Please note that this is not a final allocation.
  • Online file
    When the registration form is completed and sent, a personal e-mail is sent to you to create a password for your personal online file. In this, personal documents and data are requested. It is also possible to modify documents or data at a later time.
    Please note that the registration is not final until the registration form is digitally signed. This is not a final allocation.
  • Provisional allocation
    We will allocate the apartments on the basis of the preferences and data entered. The results of the allocation will be announced via e-mail. The e-mail will also contain instructions on how to accept the provisional allocation.

Final inspection and final acceptance
After accepting the apartment, we begin checking your file. We check your data for authenticity and review your income situation and payment history using a link to the Datakeeper environment. You will receive the e-mail to this secure environment after you have accepted the allocation. Subsequently, all checks are performed. You will receive the final result within 2 weeks after your file is complete (all required documents for verification). When your file has been fully approved based on the credit check etc., you will receive an e-mail that your file has been approved and you will receive the rental agreement to be signed digitally. You will sign it digitally via IDIN. You will receive notice of the final delivery date at least 4 weeks before the delivery. Note: the landlord has the right to reject files.

  • Completion and key transfer
    After the contract is signed, you will be informed by the manager NMG about the exact date of key transfer and the delivery procedure. It is possible that when the lease is signed it is not yet clear what the exact delivery date of your apartment will be. In that case, you will receive the final date for the key transfer no more than four weeks in advance.

Once everything is signed, the NMG administrator will contact you to coordinate the move-in date. Of course, the first month’s rent will be calculated based on the start date. You will also receive the bill from the administrator for the deposit and first month’s rent.

It goes without saying that we treat your data confidentially. For the ID and income check we use Datakeeper.

A request for oblivion/deletion of your account/data can be made by email or through the project website.

No, there is no registration or mediation fee.


In order to securely and reliably qualify for your assigned home in Ivy Amsterdam, we would like to verify your (personal) data via Datakeeper. Datakeeper is an application on your phone to do this securely and quickly and is supported by Rabobank. Through this page we inform you about the use of Datakeeper. Please read this page carefully and go through the step-by-step plan to complete your registration.

With Datakeeper we can better safeguard your privacy and you are in control of the data sent. Nobody but you has insight into the data stored on your mobile device. The completion of your registration via Datakeeper takes place after the allocation of a house and is a mandatory part of the process.

For now we ask you to check whether you have your DigiD login details. It is not possible to log in with the DigiD app. You must have a username and password. Check DigiD to see if SMS verification is on. On this DigiD site, you can use the big orange button to log in and turn on SMS verification.

Want to know more about Datakeeper? Then read on here.

Datakeeper allows us to verify the required data from you if you are employed, but we need some additional documents that are not retrievable through Datakeeper if you are a business owner, retired or benefit-eligible. The following shows what additional information is required in addition to Datakeeper.

As an extension of Datakeeper, for the IVY project, the landlord will test payment morale, verifying that the consumer has consistently paid their fixed expenses for the past 12 months.

Additional documents can only be uploaded through the housing file. Documents sent by email cannot be included in the file and will be deleted. This allows us to better safeguard your privacy.


  • Copy of ID card/passport. Passport photo and BSN number must be shielded, for this you can use the KopieID app of the Rijksoverheid.
  • Extract from the population register (in case of multiple tenants of both, maximum 3 months old). You can apply for a BRP here.

Are you an employee?

  • Employer’s certificate no more than 3 months old.
  • 3 most recent salary slips with visible ascription.
  • 3 recent bank statements showing salary with visible attribution.

Are you self-employed?

  • As an entrepreneur you can prove your income with an income statement from the tax authorities for the two most recent years. You can request this form free of charge via the tax phone 0800 0543 or by logging in with your DigiD on My Tax Office. Note: you can only request this document with a DigiD.
  • Don’t have an income statement? Then an accountant’s or bookkeeper’s statement with financial statements is required.
  • Balance sheet, profit and loss account for the past 2 years prepared and signed by accountant / accounting firm.
  • Accountant’s statement (or income statement from tax authorities).
  • An estimate, prepared by an accountant, of the expected result for the coming financial year.
  • Recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce register (not older than 3 months).

Are you retired/AOW entitled?

  • Annual statement of AOW and if applicable pension
  • Income statement from the tax office
  • Three bank statements showing the deposit of AOW and -if applicable- pension.

Do you currently own an owner-occupied home?

Then your income must be sufficient to cover both the mortgage and rental costs.

In the case of an owner-occupied home, the following situations are possible and you will be asked to upload the following documents:

The house is sold:

  • Submit the (provisional) deed of sale.
  • Annual statements from mortgage lender OR a bill of settlement.

You are maintaining the mortgage:

  • Annual statements from mortgage lender
  • Three bank statements showing monthly mortgage payments
  • Mortgage statement from mortgage lender

Keep in mind that from the lease agreement you are required to register at the address of the rented property. Any mortgage interest deduction will expire with this.

Do you currently have a rental property?

  • A statement from the current landlord (not older than 3 months). This only applies to you if you do not live in the house. Are you still living with your parents? Then you do not need to provide this document.

In case of divorce it is important that you can substantiate your financial position based on the divorce covenant or mediator’s declaration, so that we can determine whether there are sufficient financial means to bear the rent in relation to the income.

Click here to download a blank employer statement.

Click here to download a landlord statement. You can request a mortgage statement yourself from your mortgage lender.

To prevent identity fraud, it is important to provide documents that comply with AVG guidelines. For this we use Datakeeper.

DATAKEEPER Income check, financial check and ID check

  • In addition to ID proof, you also add financial data from, for example, the UWV or the Tax Office.
  • You retrieve the data from the connected sources, by logging in with DigiD or your own bank details.

You send only the extracted data from each source.

How do I make sure my documentation is AVG proof?

You can make your ID card/passport AVG proof by hiding your passport photo and BSN number. Your BSN number on pay slips should always be shielded.


If your preferred apartment is no longer available, you will automatically be put on the reserve list if you meet the requirements. If none of your preferences are available, but you would still like an apartment in IVY, you can always change your preferences. Login to your account and change your preferences. You may then be assigned to an available apartment.

Please note that new apartments may become available every day, so visit the website regularly.

Based on the income requirement, the availability and the outcome of your personal credit check you can qualify for an apartment. The order of receipt of the application form is not a criterion for allocation. If there are multiple applications for the same apartment, the apartment will be allocated randomly. It is therefore wise to indicate multiple preferences.


The images are Artist Impressions. These images are meant to give you an impression of what an apartment might look like. It is not necessarily a representation of your chosen apartment. The apartments are delivered with PVC flooring, wall finishes and a finished bathroom, kitchen and toilet. You can see the layout of the apartment on the floor plan. You can find this in the apartment search. The location of the apartment can be seen on the floor plan.

The apartment finder on this website contains all the floor plans of the apartments.


  • All apartments will have a Tarkett PVC floor, color classic oak.

Wall finishes

  • The walls will be finished with fleece wallpaper.


  • The apartments in Ivy are not equipped with lighting. You arrange your own lamps, the connection points for this are provided.

Bathroom and kitchen

  • The bathroom is equipped with -among other things- a large mirror, shower and sink combination of the brand Grohe and a design radiator. The apartments in the social rental have a Bribus brand kitchen. The apartments in the middle and free sector segement have a Bruynzeel kitchen. The apartments in the middle segment have built-in appliances of the Etna brand. The apartments in the free sector have built-in appliances of the brand Siemens. Built-in appliances include: induction hob, oven with microwave function, built-in refrigerator with freezer compartment, integrated dishwasher and a flat-screen hood.

Additional Information

  • The social sector studios have a central, shared laundry room provided by Miele Laundry Boutique. They provide a complete premium laundry and drying facility for residents. Among other things, reservations and payments can be made via an app. No washer and/or dryer can be placed in the residence.


The minimum lease term is 1 year, thereafter the lease is converted to an indefinite term contract and the lease can be terminated on a monthly basis, subject to a minimum notice period of 1 calendar month.

The deposit must be paid before the property can be delivered. This amount will be refunded after termination of the contract, unless any amounts need to be settled. This is further described in the General Conditions you receive with the rental agreement. The amount of the deposit is 2 times the bare monthly rent. Bare rent is the rent of your home without additional service charges and costs such as gas and electricity.

Yes, there is an annual rent increase. You will receive an annual notice in the month of May announcing the annual rent increase. In accordance with the lease article 5.2, the annual increase CPI (Consumer Price Index) is n/a.

You may be eligible for rent subsidy for social rent apartments. This depends on your assessment income. What your qualifying income is depends on your/your situation. You can check this on the website of de belastingdienst.

No, the price on the website is the bare rent. You arrange the contracts for utilities and internet/TV yourself. For the use of district heating, a contract must be concluded with Vattenfall.

Yes, for the common areas that all residents use, certain costs are shared. For example, maintenance of the outside grounds, cleaning of common areas, electricity for the elevators, etc. These costs are paid from the service costs. You will always receive a separate statement and an annual overview of the service costs. The service charges are not yet final, indicatively they are € 100,- for the apartments and € 10,- for a parking space. As soon as the service costs are final, we will communicate them.