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In order to securely and reliably qualify for your assigned home in IVY, we would like to verify your (personal) data via Datakeeper. Datakeeper is an application on your phone to do this securely and quickly and is supported by Rabobank. Through this page we would like to inform you about the use of Datakeeper. Please read this page carefully and go through the step-by-step plan to complete your registration.

With Datakeeper we can better safeguard your privacy and you are in control of the sent data. Nobody but you has insight into the data stored on your phone. Completing your registration via Datakeeper takes place after a house has been assigned to you and is a mandatory part of the process.

For now we ask you to check whether you have your DigiD login details. It is not possible to log in with the DigiD app. You must have a username and password. Check DigiD to see if SMS verification is on. On this DigiD site, you can use the big orange button to log in and turn on SMS verification.


Datakeeper allows us to verify the required data from you if you are employed, but we need some additional documents that are not retrievable through Datakeeper if you are a business owner, retired or benefit-eligible. The following shows what additional information is required in addition to Datakeeper.

As an extension of Datakeeper, the landlord for the IVY project will test payment morale, calculating whether the consumer has consistently paid their fixed expenses for the past 12 months. Applicants will not be rejected based on payment morale results, this data will only be used for the sake of further digitizing and simplifying the rental process. The payment morale is a new functionality of the Datakeeper app, therefore we are happy to receive your feedback when something is incorrect.

The additional documents can be uploaded through the housing file and we prefer not to receive them by email. This allows us to better safeguard your privacy.

Are you no longer interested and want to delete your data? Delete your account and documentation. Your data will thus be deleted.

Want to know more about Datakeeper? Then visit Datakeeper.com for more information.