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The time has come! Rentals for the social rental and mid-rent flats in IVY started today! The flat finder is online and you can now register for your favourite flat(s).

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Rentals will take place online. Whether you are at home, at the office or anywhere else, experience the ease with which you can register for a property in IVY. You have the chance to take immediate action from behind your own screen. Saves travel time and time off work. Ideal right! Good luck with completing your registration!

We would like to introduce you to the apartments. On the website, you can view all the social rental and mid-rent apartments with additional information and floor plans. Get to know the building and the apartments so that you will be optimally prepared when the rentals finally start. Have you found your favourite apartment(s) yet? Apart from the rental prices, all information about the apartments is now available in the apartmentfinder. The exact prices of the rental apartments in IVY will be announced as soon as the rentals start.

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A celebratory moment: the highest point of IVY has been reached! The building is now officially 13 floors high. We counted them and they are all there. 13 floors of beautiful flats and lovely outdoor spaces. 13 floors of living space in a perfect location in Amsterdam North.

Will you come live here and enjoy breathtaking views of the neighbourhood and much of the city?

Besides Rocycle, a branch of Train Healthy is also coming to IVY Amsterdam. They will move into one of the commercial spaces on the ground floor. Train Healthy offers personal training, small group training, kickboxing and strength training.

Enough choice to work on your fitness and physical condition. And all in your own building. Find another excuse to skip your workout!

Want to know more about Train Healthy? Check out the website.

That there is room for commercial spaces on the ground floor in IVY was already known, but now we can also tell more about what will actually be there.

Hip, trendy and therefore totally in: Rocycle! You will soon be able to work up a sweat in one of the commercial spaces within IVY. Rocycle is a form of spinning or indoor cycling, only even more intensive. It was founded in Amsterdam in 2015 and is now also located in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg. In IVY comes Rocycle’s 5th branch in Amsterdam! Rocycle is for everyone: from all backgrounds, fitness levels and for all reasons. And that just under your future home? Let’s rocycle!

Find out more about rocycle at www.rocyclestudios.com

In the place that might soon be your home, construction workers, contractors and other personnel you might expect on a building site are still hard at work right now. The hard work is paying off, as room after room and floor after floor appear at this beautiful location in Amsterdam-Noord.

We took a look from the inside and collected some great photos. So you can see the first images of the inside of the flats, the brickwork is becoming visible and the flats on the ground and first floor are already very far along. A few floors up, you already get a little review of the amazing views. That promises something!

We still have to wait a while until IVY actually gives Amsterdam-Noord a new face. Still, thanks to new impressions, we can get an even better idea of what the building will soon add to the neighbourhood.

On the ground floor, IVY brings liveliness with, among other things, catering establishments in the point on the Klimopweg side. This is the ideal place to have a drink with the life on the street on the one hand and the greenery of planting on the other. But the outdoor spaces on the upper floors are also clearly visible. Because of the layering of the building, you will find lovely outdoor spaces to relax in several places.

It is also easy to see from these new impressions that the building consists of several parts. The high part with the beautiful view and the lower parts with studios on one side and several types of flats on the other.

Although the impressions are almost lifelike, we cannot wait until we can actually admire IVY at this unique location in Amsterdam-North.

The surrounding area gets to know IVY. Work is progressing steadily and the building is gaining height. The 6th floor has now been reached and hard work is underway to reach the top. A top that will eventually have 14 floors, of a building that will be an eye-catcher in the neighbourhood. The photos give a nice view of the developments. What remains hidden in the photos is the floor that extends below ground and the foundation that has taken a lot of time to build. What is visible, however, is Ivy’s courtyard where a construction crane is currently still in place and the high-quality finish of the facade.

Every year, the Middle Rent Award is presented to leading projects that combine affordability with high quality. This year, 25 new construction projects by renowned real estate parties were nominated. IVY was among the three finalists at the presentation by Minister de Jonge during PROVADA in the Amsterdam RAI. There is a great need for medium-term rental housing. These homes are important to initiate flow in the housing market. For example, for starters and people moving on who do not qualify for social housing and cannot or do not want to buy.

In its assessment, the independent jury and the minister complimented IVY for:

  • Combining high-quality iconic design with an innovative, inclusive concept and very ambitious sustainable standards.
  • For scoring high on ESG social factors with the successful integration of flats for different target groups in all price segments, including housing for people in need.

We are proud and grateful for this honourable nomination. Congratulations to all involved!

Preparations at the construction site have been completed and now IVY is becoming visible to the neighborhood. At the corner where Klaprozenweg and Klimopweg meet, construction workers are at work to give Amsterdam-Noord a new icon. The first layers of levels are being built. Just a little longer and it will be impossible to imagine this beautiful spot in Amsterdam-North without IVY.

What can we expect from IVY? The building will be 13 levels high and consists of four different parts: each with its own interpretation or function. In the highest part there will only be apartments, in other parts there is also room for commercial and communal spaces. Think of a laundromat, a covered bicycle storage and more. Because IVY narrows towards the top, the building has unique and spacious balconies on several floors. Delightful outdoor spaces and also plenty of greenery in the form of indoor and outdoor gardens, as well as a green facade.

IVY will contain 157 apartments for regulated social rent, as well as apartments for the deregulated and private sector. The social rental apartments are studios and ideal for young people who like to have their own place in Amsterdam. A place centrally located in bustling Amsterdam-North. Not far from the North-South metroline and next to the hip and popular NDSM area. The 2- and 3-bedroom apartments in the free market and medium rental are ideally suited for couples and small or young families who love life in the city.