Wash & fold

IVY takes excellent care of your laundry. By laundry we mean: clothes, duvets, pillows, curtains, sheets and duvet covers.

Pick-up and delivery is free for the 24hr service!

If you have specific instructions please let us know on the online order form. You don't have to sort your laundry, but to minimize the possibility of accidents please give us your delicate and/or new items in a separate bag, such as a new pair of red trousers, that need to be washed separately to avoid ruining other clothes. And be sure to remove all items, like pens and keys, from your pockets too!


Rushing off to the dry-cleaner after a long work day is now history. IVY can pick-up your 2-piece suit before you go to work or late in the evening after work. Whenever is convenient for you. IVY is open from 6 AM to 10 PM.

If you place an order today, we can deliver your dry-cleaned clothes two days later.

Pick-up and delivery is free for the 48hr service!

Our dry-cleaning service is done by professionals at IVY and our first class partners.


Do you love tightly ironed and crisp bed sheets that give you that luxurious hotel experience at home? We can do that for you!

IVY can also help you with the ironing of your shirts and all other clothing items which need to be wrinkle free. For iron only, an order can be placed for a minimum of 8 pieces or 6 pieces for wash & iron. Shirts can be returned folded or on a hanger.


Do you want to dry-clean or iron an item and there is, for instance, a button missing on your shirt, we can repair it at the same time. We can also place a new zipper or repair a whole in your pocket.

We work with excellent tailors that can make your clothes look new again.

Where do you want us to pick up your laundry?

  • Home
  • Office
  • Hotel
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Service hours

Mon till Thu6 AM - 10 PM
Fri6 AM - 8 PM
Sat9 AM - 8 PM

IVY is closed on 25 en 26 of December. 27, 28 and 29 of December there are no pick-up and deliveries possible between 6 AM and 9 AM. 30 December until 6 January we are closed. Happy holidays!

Don’t have a laundry bag?

Get an IVY laundry bag for €8,-. Your IVY laundry bag will be washed with every order; so your laundry can be returned in a clean bag.

€ 8,-