IVY can be of service on a regular basis or just when needed. For example you have a guest on Friday evening at your desk that needs to have his/her suit dry-cleaned; we can have that done for you! You can call or e-mail us 24/7. We are open in the early mornings till late in the evenings.


Every guest gets a smile on her/his face when their towels are soft and the bed sheets are crisp and tightly ironed. If you’re a B&B owner we can help you manage your towels and linen. You decide the frequency, date and time. And we follow your specific instructions.

Cruise ships

Are you docking in Amsterdam and in need of clean linen? We can certainly be of service. IVY can pick-up and deliver within a short time frame. Your guests can enjoy the comfort of fresh and ironed bed sheets. And you will be able to leave the dock on time, because we can deliver within 8 hours if needed.


Clean towels are essential for any spa or sauna. You can never have too few in stock or towels that smell bad. IVY makes sure that your towels are clean, fresh and fluffy. You can also instruct us on how you want your towels to be folded.


If you have a restaurant or a bar, the appearance of your staff and the linen on your tables are of utmost importance. We are of service to multiple establishments. We take care of greasy clothes, we keep your linen white and we are always on time.


Is your office in need of clean towels for the kitchen and bathrooms? Just let us know how many employees your company has and how often you need the towels to be changed. We will provide you with a customized plan and price.

We are at your service!

No contract required. We are fast, flexible and on time. And we take your specific needs into account.

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Call 020 4220337 or e-mail

Service hours

Mon till Thu6 AM - 10 PM
Fri6 AM - 8 PM
Sat9 AM - 8 PM

IVY is closed on 25 en 26 of December. 27, 28 and 29 of December there are no pick-up and deliveries possible between 6 AM and 9 AM. 30 December until 6 January we are closed. Happy holidays!